Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Week #12

as usual... post links to your home work -- which is an html beta version of your site


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Week #11

Ok-- its time to present your HTML - the assignment from last week was to have an HTML version of your home page that you have validated and have checked on a PC - please post links to your home work pages and post links to this home work on those pages.

We will spend most of the day talking about techniques for making your pages work in HTML- but we will also look at these three things:

The Rule about Javascript is that you are free to use code from anywhwere so long as you a) cite it and b) fully understand how it works. There can be exceptions- For example if you want to use some very complex javascript, so complex that you probably can't figure out how all of it works yourself, like in JQuery or in the Flexcroll above, you just need to talk to me about it- if you have a good reason to use it, and what you want to use it for is not something you could figure out how to do yourself, then i'll make an exception. NO EXCEPTIONS WITHOUT TALKING TO ME FIRST! - some of you already have....and of course you still have to cite where you got the code from - that never changes.

home work

Next week is spring break, so for two weeks from today- the assignment is to have a working beta version of your site.

what is a working beta?

its a version of your site that has all the pages built, and all the pages linking to each other. It might still have some "Lorem Iposom" text in it, it might have stand-in pictures instead of real pictures. It should NOT- have big blank spaces- put in fake text and pictures if you don't have the real text and real pictures so you know how you're going to style them and how you're going to space them. A beta version of a site may still have some bugs and may not look right in all browsers but its got all of its major parts and it pretty-much works. That is your goal for when we come back and you'll be showing them in class on that day. Belive me you want to have all of the remaining weeks to polish and tweak and make every little detail work just right, you're going to need that time- the last little bits always take longer than you think.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

WEEK #10

Mashups, "the distributed web" how to leverage other people's technology for your own client's benifit

as always post links to your homework for today which was to create interior mockups for each of your pagetypes

slicing, and starting to build html

Sever Side Includes

Homework for next week

- HTML version of your client's home page, Validated and TESTED on A PC! -- need not be perfect on a PC but I want you to know what problems you are going to have to deal with now, not later - therefore i want a screenshot of your page on a pc to prove you tested it! can be a jpg or any kind of digital file- and it can be anywhere on the web- so long as i can see it

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Week #9

Design Discussion

Go ahead and post your 2nd round home page mockups (aka comps... i call them mockups some people call them comps, whatever) and lets talk about them

slicing, and starting to build html

Sever Side Includes