Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Week #13

Lesson 1

  • Introduction to FLASH

  • liquid menus

    -- this is not something we're going to be able to do iin class because these computers don't allow you to unzip files but those that are interested can download this file and look at it out side of class- it is the basic structure behind the menus on www.jeffbailey.com that we looked at above- here's how it works:

    • Download this FLA file (its inside a zip so when you click it, it should download) Unzip it and open it in flash.
      It is the source file for this little page that we will be working with today.

    • there is timeline inside each tab that shows the menu going down, and then back up

    • buttons inside each tab

    • code that sets "true" and "false" states on roll over- this is important because its the fact that this state changes that makes the movement of the menu happen- and its the fact that its a state change that then causes the movement, not a straight roll-over that accounts for the smoothness. If you start to roll over it and then roll off- the menu reverses direction right then rather than having to complete its downward motion first before starting back up.

    • buttons that cause those states to change

    • roll over areas that cause states to change back on the two large tabs

final presentation schedule

Week 1 (heads)

Week 2 (tails)

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